Why This Site?

Why This Site?

The aim of this site is to raise awareness among the general public about the new mission of the Salesian Sisters in Nigeria and the great projects they intend to launch in order to reach thousands of poor children and young people who live in this country and who dream of a better future thanks to the quality of Salesian education based on Don Bosco’s Educational System called the Preventive System.

This System, based on Reason, Affection and Religion, aims at the integral education of children and young people so that they become good believers and responsible citizens.

To educate children and young people, prepare them to assume their responsibilities in the world and according to today’s requirements, to make them fulfilled adults, ready to work in favor of sustainable development, the establishment of infrastructures adequate is essential. For us, Salesians, it consists of constructing buildings, equipping the classrooms, laboratories, workshops, offices and to provide vital spaces for children and young people capable of contributing to their full development. It is about all kinds of sports and playgrounds, meeting rooms for their human, moral, spiritual and ecological training.

This is in a few words the great project that we dream of for Nigeria. This will be an added value in the education of young people and our contribution to the sustainable development of the country.

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