The Nigerian Youth

The Nigerian youths are arguably the most energetic, vibrant and creative in the world. Unfortunately this great lot has today been involved in all kinds of criminal activities making them the most dreaded in the world.  One of the greatest ‘virus’ that has eaten deep into the marrows of a typical Nigerian youth is the “Get rich quick” syndrome.

Today a lot of the Nigerian youths are involved in a varied criminal activities; cybercrime (Yahoo Yahoo), armed robbery, kidnapping, drug peddling, cultism, ritual activities, abuse of use of drugs, prostitution, election stooges etc. they are involved in all these for the love of money and fame and power. Worrisome is the fact that all these vices are seen as normal with little attention to tackle them. Today we celebrate our sons/daughters, brothers/sisters who engage in these vices simply because they have wealth from it.

An average Nigerian youth has the power to make wealth. Unfortunately, parental upbringing, peer pressure/influence, bad government and their policies, media among others has helped to negatively reshape their mindsets. Gone are the days when hard work was rewarded, same also for moral lifestyle, no more censorship on what goes on the media, parental values on the decline daily, government policies frustrating the little efforts of the few with good source of livelihood.

If we have an enabling environment where parents do their work and government provides an enabling environment then there might be a he turnaround. There will be a great need for orientation and re-orientation of the Nigerian youths. The media should help to preach the good news of honesty, integrity, selfless service, dignity in labor, respect for one another, quality education etc.


Ikorodu is an outskirt town of Lagos. Highly populated with indigenes and non-indigenes from across other states of the federation. Her population is more of youths. Like every other Nigerian youths, youths in Ikorodu are vibrant, energetic and creative. Notable dignitaries in all works of life especial in entertainment has emerged from this ancient town. The challenges herein are not different from other parts of the state or country at large.

Ikorodu used to be a very peaceful town where people from other parts of the state comes to buy land and build their homes. Unfortunately in the recent past, this once upon time peaceful environment has become a den for ritual activities/killings, cultism, kidnapping, riot among others. Worrisome is the face that it’s majorly the youths that are found perpetuating this evil.

Peer pressure/influence has become a great threat to the lifestyle of these young lads. Majority are school dropouts not necessarily because their parents could not afford their tuition but because the society influenced such decision. They rather choose to join cultism, prostitution, street hooligans, armed robbery, drug addicts, cyber-crime (Yahoo Yahoo) just to gain fame, power and riches.

There are a lot of government vocational centers within ikorodu especially for young people, but the “Get rich quick” syndrome is a huge force on them preventing them from following the right part. Unfortunately too, the few political elites uses these strong and vibrant youths as thugs during election. They furnish them with sophisticated weapons hence they become a threat to society.

There are a lot of youths who are willing and ready to come out of these many bad behaviors, but since there are no proper counselling, rehabilitation, integration and protection many has remained unhealed. On a daily basis crime rates increases especially among youths between 15-30years. This age bracket represents a larger percentage of the general populace. Many are not willing to toy the path of dignity in labor, unfortunately too many has lost their lives in the process to get rich quick at all cost.

Adequate orientation and re-orientation will go a long way to curbing these menace. No doubt this will include religious bodies, schools, traditional rulers, government agencies and of course the family to achieve this. If there are more awareness and empowerment, many of these youths can still be redeemed. As the local government keeps on increasing with the huge influx of people, it is import that something is done to return peace and tranquility in the land.